Real Estate and Governmental Law


Real Estate and Development Services and Litigation

Real estate litigation pertains to the legal process of resolving disputes involving real estate and real estate transactions, including real estate investments and title and boundary line disputes. We also provide legal services pertaining to the development of construction projects, leases, and more.

Municipal and Governmental Law

Our practice in municipal and governmental law covers a wide range of issues pertaining to governmental entities and their various agencies. Efficient and ethical use of public land within a municipality is an important issue to communities and includes building construction, development, and alteration of the land. Jim has represented governmental clients in dealing with zoning, land development, and property matters. He has also done extensive work in agreement/contract development and review, provided advice regarding various employment issues, worked with governments in grant and bond procurement and maintenance, and provided general legal counsel to the various boards and agencies of the governmental clients he represents.
Jim has prepared filings and appeared before many governmental agencies on behalf of property owners, developers, health care providers, and other clients.
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Real estate and governmental law concerns require the service of experienced legal practitioners who recognize and understand the complexity and sensitivity of processes. Our legal team, led by James R. Wheeler, provides utmost scrutiny in handling real estate matters. Call us at 4239130117 for more information.